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2019 has been a great journey full of ups and downs.

This is one of the greatest trips I've made to experience boundaries, losses and feelings of uncertainty.

After my first relationship ended back in 2019, I've been struggling a lot with self-consciousness, trust issues and overcoming your comfort zone.

I mean three and a half years is a lot of time, in which you kind of build up a reality - which in my case was very dependent on my partner. Nevertheless, I have learned that evolving a positive self-perception from others' opinions and actions does not contribute to sustaining self-love in a relationship.

But: Mistakes make you grow. And by mistakes I do not mean, that the relationship was one, but how I was dealing in certain ways with it. Although for sure, I am glad I got to experience this kind of first love.

This Asia Trip from Seoul to Hanoi, was hella fun and I very much appreciate every memory that I made to help me deal with a break up in the earliest state (it was literally one week before my take off to Asia - lmfao).

Anyways, Enjoy lovely peeps

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