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2021 - I can't believe it. I hope as you're reading this, you're doing okay and will give the new year a chance for you.

Still admit the second big lockdown in Berlin, I felt like sharing some small shootings.

All not too fancy and with a very natural flow and according to lockdown guidelines.

The first one I did was with my roommate Luisa ( ) at Viktoria Park, Berlin nearby our home.

We initially wanted to catch the sunset, but the cloudy sky got ahead of us. But as 2020 taught us: Make the best out of the situation.

So we wanted to catch a chilly, styled vibe, wanting to have fun, as long as there was still enough light.

As Luisa does not feel comfortable in front of the camera yet, I think she pulled off very well. This will not be the last collaboration.

Luisa / Sunset in a Park

Shot on Canon A1, Kodak Ultramax 400


The second shooting was, as some of you might've recognized, with my dear friends

Cindy from the 1st Photowalk ( ) &

Mondy from the most recent editorial ( ).

Both sisters were crucial to my growth since they trusted me in my earliest states as a photographer.

So we set up two moods within their home. Both are very cool to work with since they also give valid input while trusting the process. The dreamy vibe of the dresses and the denim look def has it for me.

1. Cindy & Mondy /Dreamy Dresses

Shot on Canon A1, Kodak 200

2. Cindy & Mondy / Denim overall

Shot on Canon A1, Kodak Ultramax 400 / Konica Z-Up Kodak 200

Thanks for enjoying my small lockdown edits. I hope I could brighten up your day a little bit.

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