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Cameras used:

Konica Z-Up 70

Minolta Riva Af35x



Drachenberg, Teufelsberg - Berlin, Germany

Feat. Photographer

Hard working and passion comes to my mind when I think of Quyny. She wanted and had to be on board for this shooting. Her work of art will amaze you - for sure.


My bestie joined for the 2nd time and I cannot say how much I appreciate it. Love to you and your sense of fashion, bestie.


He is a musician that I've always wanted to shoot with. We met through Noizz Magazine, where he is an editor writing about lifestyle, music and social matters. A very thoughtful, calm person.

We actually met through a dance class in Flying Steps, where we took Karen Schweiger's class. His vibes took me off guard the very first time that I saw him. A blessing, that we finally got time to manage a shooting together.

If there's a person that I do stan in the german dance community, Shayne is the one. His elegance mesmerizes me all the time.

I worked with 2 concepts this time, which needed the golden sun glow. That was def my earliest shooting, having the call time at 4am. Me and my best friend Nake, who did the styling, had little to no sleep.

It was an interesting experience, having to think about movements, since I am more am more used to having female models in front of my camera. I wasn't that nervous in a really long time for a shooting. But the models were so great to work with and Nake always manages to calm me down every time with his soothing vibe.

All of the beautiful men had a different vibe of what they were feeling and I think you'll notice once you browse through the gallery. Being elegant, dreamy or strong - Kai, Shayne and Till all pursued their own energy. At 5am in the morning. Everyone gave it their best.

Quyny also caught me with her passion for the perfect shot and I am truly grateful that she went along this time. Having different photographers around you, really broadens the scope of work and perspective. When I saw her results, I really felt how different a scenario can be caught in a shot.

A very big shoutout to everyone who pushed through with me on this edition of the 5th Photowalk.


Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Mainly shot with my point and shoot cameras.

Gallery 3

Quyny's Perspective

Hop you enjoyed! Until the next episode of the Film Photowalk.


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