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I recently went to Munich, Germany for a dance intensive - which was then by surprise, canceled due to the COVID-19 Situation back then out of safety measures.

As I was already planning to train elsewhere, I still went with some good friends of mine and took the opportunity for a weekend trip. I took my Yashica Point and Shoot camera with me and some black&white AgfaPhoto APX 100 film, which I got from the drugstore. The purpose was to document my trip with the least investment since I brought a very easy to handle, automated camera for fast situations and a cheap b&w film.

My main focus where Munich-signature situations or frames, that you wouldn't get e.g. in Berlin. But there are also some cute moments of my friends.

Turns out I took my automated camera for granted..

Here's why.

I made a major realization with point & shoot cameras after developing the film:

Single lens reflex cameras (=digital point & shoot) are working mirrorless with an electronic viewfinder ("EVFs").

That means you'll see your frame through your viewfinder with the help of a digital sensor that works all the time, even if your camera is turned off. In contrast an optical viewfinder shows you exactly what you're about to shoot with the help of a mirror, giving you control over your frame.

For example my Canon A-1 has an optical viewfinder.

That means I see e.g. whether my frame is sharp or not because it syncs with its lens.

Due to the fact, that EVFs don't use a mirror to preview your frame (the digital sensor as stated earlier is always active) I thought my lens was open, while in fact it was not.

My lens cover turned out to be slightly broken and did not sync clearly when I turned on my camera.

That resulted in 17 out of 36 (omg..) shots being not exposed.

(Side note: Black and white film is even more expensive to develop than color film... )

So really do control twice if everything about your automated camera works, or if there is any part that might need more attention while working with it.

I hope my mistake could help you guys out in the upcoming future.

Enjoy my small Munich documentary with beautiful moments.

P.s. I hope the cake was good

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