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Cameras used:

Konica Z-Up 70

Minolta Riva Af35x

Canon A1


She's family, whom I shared many passions such as dance and photography with. She has been a major impact for my growth, since she was always passionate about modeling and was ready to help whenever she could.

Featuring photographer:

His cinematographic sense always mesmerizes me every time. Even after achieving a lot and working with and for many brands, he is still eager to learn and humble af. I admire that.

Supporting stylist

He's my bestie with a unique fashion sense. I adore every outfit that he wears, since it's always a look. Having him supporting me on a shooting is a very comforting feeling.


Tegeler See, Berlin, Germany

Expired film was mainly used and the type will be mentioned with each gallery.

This photowalk formed very fast and instantly. I envisioned a very natural surrounding with contrasting styling. Nader and I wanted to have a beach background but with a less obvious styling such as common beachwear. So we had three different styles to shoot and were swayed by the diverse beauty of the Tegeler See, Berlin Germany. It had a lot of great photo spots to offer and we kind of went with the flow that each place gave us. Mondy brought fashion, with the help of a

moodbard and Nake helped with finalizing the looks. The overall energy was really complimenting each other.

Funny story: I thought I had loaded film on the first look, while in fact I didn't and I was hella mad. Mistakes over mistakes while shooting film. I think the remaining still give off a great mood.

Words of appreciation

A massive thank you to Benjamin Bomm, whom I met on a coincidence in a Media Markt store in Berlin back in 2019.

I went to buy a strap for my point and shoot camera.

He also had been into analogue photography and stored quite a lot of expired film, which I never got the chance to shoot. So I gave him my e-mail to message me about further product and pricing details.

After quite some time has passed (and I actually gave up waiting) he contacted me during Covid-19 and I bought 31 expired films. With the package that came, I he surprised me with extra film and (omg I was screaming) also a Minolta point & shoot camera, which results you'll see down below.

I have to say, I really am in love with the unpredictable feeling, that comes with shooting expired film.


Konica Z-Up 70

Kodak 200 (not expired)


Minolta Riva Af35x

Reala Superia Film - expired 2009.06


Canon A1

Kodak 200 - expired 2002.02


Canon A1

Kodak 200 - expired 2002.02.

The difference with expired film

As some might've noticed by now, the grain increases, the older the film roll gets.

By comparing the first gallery with the last three you'll notice this difference for sure.

The contrast in colour decreases.

You'll see a much "softer" look in the color - which I personally prefer.

When usually editing pictures, I'd always take out contrast, so after seeing the scans I was mainly surprised by the results.

Sharpness is hard to get.

Even though you'd focus on your film camera, I somehow feel, that the sharpness from the first gallery is just so much clearer than those on the remaining ones. The grain structure probably enhances this feeling.

General thoughts.

I was really lucky, that the expired film rolls that I got were stored in the fridge and freezer, so that the film gave out beautiful colours. The grain is a matter of personal taste. The Canon A1 really worked great with it. I think that's the point where the quality of a single lens reflex and mirrorless automated camera really strikes. The point and shoot enhanced the grain from the expired film while my Canon A1 evened it out.


Nader's favourite shots

taken with a Fujifilm X100S

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